The Labrador Lifeline Trust is now in its 19th year, rehoming pure bred and first cross Labradors.  We take on Labradors of all ages, we do not discriminate, as we feel that an oldie has just as much to give as a puppy in the right home.  We thoroughly check all prospective homes ourselves, and will refuse those we deem unsuitable.  We will not rehome our dogs where they will be left for more than 4 hours max on a regular basis.  Many of the dogs come to us having been left for unacceptable periods of time and have not coped, so it would be unethical of us to place that dog back into a similar situation.  We do rehome our dogs to older people, we are not ageist, however we do need to be sensible regarding the age and energy level of both the dog and the human!
A lot of our dogs are in foster homes so they can be seen once a home has been approved.  Also, we often have dogs staying in Crossroads Kennels, again these can be seen by appointment only.  We highly value the care and attention that Crossroads have given to our dogs over the years.  The level of care they afford our dogs is second to none.
If you would like more information about Labrador Lifeline and the areas we cover, please visit our website: or call Janet on 01923 446785 or Sue on 01296 712788
thumbnail_Choc BitchBeautiful 10 year old chocolate bitch. Spayed. This little lady has the most amazing temperament and is so affectionate, she has stolen all our hearts.  She doesn't walk too far and feels more comfortable if familiar with her surroundings.  She likes to sleep on a sofa, so anyone who is interested in her must allow this, as it is something she has always enjoyed. She would suit someone who likes to amble rather than clock up the miles!  She is in foster and can be seen. If you are interested in her, please call either Janet on 01923 446785 or Sue on 01296 712788.

thumbnail_Black Bitch

 Delightful little black Lab X  6 years old, spayed and vaccinated.  Another little girl with a fantastic temperament.  She sadly lost her dad recently and came to us just after Christmas.  She does have a few joint problems, but is undergoing a course of hydrothe rapy and physiotherapy to help her.  She loves her walks and is great with other dogs.  She desperately needs her own home, although she is very happy in foster at the moment.  If you would like to know more please call Janet on 01923 446785 or Sue on 01296 712788
Home Counties Boxer Welfare [HCBW] is a registered charity dedicated to the well-being of boxer dogs.  It was registered as a charity in 1990 but operated for some years prior to that.   Not only do we find homes for dogs needing new ones but we also work with owners whose dogs need help with behavioural and veterinary issues.  Although called HCBW, the charity operates far and wide within mainland UK.
We do not have kennel facilities of our own and use Crossroads for dogs who need a safe haven whilst their new home is being sought.  We have always been impressed by the people working at Crossroads, both owners and staff.  They take keen interest in the individual dogs and welfare is a prime concern.  When we have brought dogs in, they have been checked over with anything out of the ordinary being identified and their diets determined by their appearance.  Our skinnies are given additional nourishment and more meals per day and our stouter chaps are encouraged to regain a healthy shape.  Most dogs stay a short time only but we have had dogs stay longer usually because they have behavioural traits that make finding their new home a little more challenging.  The kennels have allowed us to visit and exercise the dogs at all reasonable times and where specific training has been identified they work with us .
It has always been reassuring that we can talk to any member of staff about our dogs and any issues.  Any one person seems able to tell us what the day's issues are.  Is the dog settled?  eating ok?  stressed? and much more and importantly if there are issues what is being done.  Vet appointments have been made and we have been called if and when needed.
We are delighted to see the business at Crossroads develop and grow as the new buildings and facilities have a direct impact for the comfort our dogs.
Here are some of our dogs who have stayed at Crossroads:

Shylo, a lothumbnail_shylo 2012vely white girl who really does not like other dogs.  She proved to be a challenge in a kennel environment but found her new home after a stay of some months.  Current photos show her to be a relaxed and much loved girl.

thumbnail_WP_20150719_028(1)1Eddie & Kobie, a brindle elder boy and white younger one.  They came in for an extended stay when their own home life turned upside down.  They had endured a difficult time before coming in and needed a lot of tlc to rebuild their trust.