Our Staff


Steve - Proprietor & Trainer

At 9 years old, I won my first Junior Dog Handling competition with my Great Dane, Tara. After that my love of dog training became my passion so I volunteered to work with animals as often as I could. Now I am a  fully Qualified dog trainer with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers enabling me to do a job I love and hope to do for many years.


Eve - Proprietor & Manager

As most young people, I grew up with cats, rabbits and dogs but cats and dogs were always my first love. Our Rottweiler, Molly, and cat, Tigger, were great friends all their lives so it was no surprise I chose to become a dog   groomer!  After I qualified, I opened up my own grooming parlour which I loved and 18 years later I found Crossroads Kennels. I knew from the start this would be a great opportunity for me to be with cats and dogs all day every day. I still love grooming and do it whenever I get a chance; I find bathing a dog is a very therapeutic experience for both them and me! I couldn’t ask for a better job than being part of the Crossroads team.

staff 1 kirstyKirsty – Deputy Manager I always knew from a young age that I wanted to work with animals. I grew up always having animals around – fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs. At the moment I have a dog and two rabbits – I’d have more if I could! When I finished school, I decided to study Animal Welfare at college and got a part time job at Crossroads to go alongside my studies. I then went onto university where I got my degree in BSc Applied Animal Studies. When I finished, I was unsure of what to do exactly but after being offered a full time position at Crossroads, 8 years later I am still here! From the age of 15 where I started off at the bottom, because of my love of the job and my dedication I have now become Deputy Manager.

Jay – Head Animal CarerIMG_3951

Ever since I was little, I have known that I wanted to work with animals. I’ve always had dogs myself, 4 at one point: a German Shepherd, Husky, Yorkshire Terrier and a medium crossbreed, along with a lovely ginger cat who lived to the ripe old age of 26. I have been with Crossroads for nearly 10 years, starting shortly after Eve and Steve took over, and worked my way up from the bottom to now being Head Animal Carer. For 3 years I assisted with Steve’s training classes allowing me to understand a variety of breeds and how to handle them. I don’t see Crossroads as a job but as a family, my team is great and we treat every animal in our care as if they are our own. It’s also nice to see our guests growing up and looking forward to their visits.

IMG_3957Louise – Deputy Head Animal Carer

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to work with animals. I have had a variety of small pets including guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits as well as small and medium breeds of dogs. My desire to work with animals led me to complete two weeks of work experience in a veterinary hospital as well as gaining work experience in a large pet store. I have recently graduated from Northampton University with a Distinction in FdSc Applied Animal Studies and as the course was based at Moulton College, I was able to gain experience with an even larger variety of animals as well as larger breeds of dogs. For over a year now I have been working at Crossroads and I thoroughly enjoy looking after the animals staying with us as well as being part of a friendly and welcoming team.

IMG_4012Ellie – Animal Carer

I have always been determined to work with animals having owned a wide range of pets from hamsters, gerbils and rabbits to currently owning two of my own horses. I have volunteered to work with animals from an early age and always wanted a full time job in this area. My aunt also has a guide dog which I regularly look after which leads me to have a good understanding of dogs needs and requirements. When I am not at work you’ll find me looking after and riding my horses, possibly preparing them for another sponsored charity ride. I have been at crossroads for almost a year and it is the best place to be! I love every minute and I always give my best to make sure our guests are happy, comfortable and loved.

IMG_4017Carrie – Animal Carer

At a young age, I developed an interest in working with animals as my Grandparents had cats and dogs whist I had small pets like rats and hamsters. When I finished school I went to Moulton College, here I completed a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management and went on to my BSc Degree in Applied Animal studies, which I graduated with a 2:1 grade. Both coursesinvolved a range of practical and theory sessions with a variety of animals. Whilstat college, I carried out 8 weeks of work experience at a local rescue centrewhere I worked with dogs, cats and small animals that were to be rehomed. I have now been with Crossroads for 5 months and I really enjoy my job, I love therange of dogs and cats that come in to stay with us.

IMG_3939Josh – Animal Carer

Since I was a child, I’ve spent most of my life around a variety of different animals including both dogs and reptiles. Previously, I have worked in a pet store dealing with a selection of different dog foods so I have a good idea of the dietary needs of different types of animals. I have spent 3 years studying Animal Management and Welfare at Moulton College which involved a large amount of hands on experience with both small and large animals. From your typical household pets to the unusual farm or exotic species, I have really enjoyed studying these areas leading me to become qualified to work with animals. I’ve been at Crossroads for 5 months and I look forward to caring for all the different animals that we encounter.

IMG_3943Stephanie – Animal Carer

I have recently joined the team after returning home from backpacking across Australia and Indonesia. I have always had a deep passion for animals and I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity here at Crossroads. Whilst travelling I gained significant life experience and learned what sort of career I would truly like to pursue. I have previously volunteered at a rescue cattery and I currently own a cat, two dogs, two rabbits and three chickens so I would definitely describe myself as an animal lover! I am very excited about my future with Crossroads and hope to build on the experience I have already gained here.