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Steve and Eve have been here since 2007 and we are very proud and excited to unveil our premier new kennels. With all our experience and knowledge we have acquired over the last 9 years we think we now have the perfect accommodation for your pets.

Please take a minute for me to guide you around our new facilities. All the kennels are of a very high standard and spec with insulated walls for a more consistent even temperature.

We’ve added soothing classical music to be played to our guests as it is fully recognised that this type of music lowers the heart rate and anxiety levels. We also have the relaxing sounds of running water supplied by our new water fountain situated in our gardens.

In addition to our grassy areas we now have 2 large paddocks that are astro-turfed so our little friends with short legs can still have a run around and not get muddy and wet even if it has been raining!

IMG_4046 IMG_4026


We still have CCTV for security but we have now added security lights as well.

We still cater for individual pets so if you do not see your pets requirement listed please call us and we will do our very best to accommodate them.

We have a large stock of most popular brands of food but if we do not stock your pets then you are most welcome to bring their own with you and receive a discount.

We can give medication to your animal but please inform us when you make a booking so we can discuss their requirements.

Your pet will need to be fully vaccinated before they are able to stay with us.

Our Kennels and Cattery

Our Kennels and Cattery offer a comfortable and secure home for your pets where they will be cared for by our trained Animal Carers who are on site 24 hours as well as a vet on call 24 hours each day. Each dog is exercised every day in our spacious, secure exercise area and can enjoy regular off leads walks and play.

  • We can cater for all types of medication, including injections with no extra cost.
  • Both the Kennels and Cattery offer heated accommodation with individual runs.
  • Our boarding Kennels and cattery are separate.
  • Regular off lead walks in spacious, secure exercise fields


My dog is like a member of my family and for me finding the right kennels to
board him is a high priority.

Having boarded him with another kennels and feeling extremely uncomfortable
and unhappy at the service received the whole time he was there I felt that
it was only right to find a kennels that would look after him the way I

From the moment I arrived at crossroads my dog took priority! The welcome
and interest in him, his routine, food, temperament and character were
second to none. I was a little nervous leaving him following on from
previous kennel experience and the reassurance I received was welcoming. I
was invited to call and check that he was settled in okay and to feel free
to contact at anytime.

My dog was happy and walked off without a second glance with the kennel
staff which was very welcoming and I felt reassured at this. Upon collection
it was evident he had enjoyed his holiday and almost seemed sad to be
leaving which is a testament in itself of the care he was given.

Steve and the team are welcoming and approachable and I would not and do not
hesitate in recommending crossroads kennels to anyone looking for great
kennels to board their four legged family member!!!

Sarah Owen
Thank you for looking after Rudi while we were away. Every time he visits he’s pleased to see the friendly and caring staff and doesn’t look back. So good to know he is well taken care of and we can leave him without worrying about him.

We took the opportunity to get him groomed at the on site groomers and he came back looking and smelling great

We would never consider leaving our boy with anyone else.

Scott Britton
Since getting the first of our 6 dogs some seven years ago we have tried various kennels in and around Milton Keynes and we came across Crossroad Kennels about 6 years ago and have never looked anywhere else since! Crossroad Kennels has everything we need all under one roof. We take our dogs to Steve’s excellent dog training school, use the grooming services and the excellent staff treat the dogs as part of the family.

Like any responsible pet owner, we want the best for our little friends and Crossroad Kennels have never let us down as yet! If they had human sized kennels I would go there for a holiday as well! J

Jason La Bastide
Over the years we have enjoyed welcoming four rescue dogs into our family (one at a time!) ranging from spaniel to collie, to a doberman. We now have a beagle (also a rescue) and needed to find a good, reliable kennel as we were new to the area. We tried Crossroads and didn’t need to look any further. It is difficult to sum up why we love crossroad’s so much but we will try to summarise

Their love of dogs is clear from the moment you walk in the door
They understand dogs and treat them as individuals. Our dog howls when happy (not when lonely), shows her teeth as a submissive greeting and is an escapee. No problem for the lovely people at crossroads. They know her so well and just understand her.
Our beagle howls with excitement when we turn in to the kennels. She cant wait to see the staff there
They take dogs on individual walks and this suits our dog as she likes time to sniff (more than play)
When our dog comes home after a stay she behaves exactly as she always does. No stress, no pining, no dodgy tummy.
On several occasions Crossroads have come to the rescue at the last minute when we had major health problems with close family. If they can possibly help they will.
We cannot think of anything negative to say. We have used various kennels and dog sitters over the last 30 years and this is the best one by far

Ruth and Adrian